East Cardiff Ministry Area

Electoral Roll

About the Electoral Roll

What is the Electoral Roll?

It is a list of names of the lay people of the parish, who are aged 16 and over, and who fill the conditions below.

Why does my name need to be on it?

Because only those whose names are on the Electoral Roll can:

  • stand for election to, and vote for, the Parochial Church Council;
  • be eligible to be a Churchwarden and vote for the People’s Warden;
  • vote for representatives on the Area Deanery Conference and the Diocesan Conference.

What are the Conditions?

“That I am qualified according to the provisions of Section 4(2) of Chapter IVC of Volume I of the Constitution of the Church in Wales.” This means:

(2)    A lay person who is over sixteen years of age shall be entitled to have his or her name entered on the Roll if he or she:

         (a)     (i)      is a Communicant; and

                   (ii)     is not a member of any religious body which is not in communion with the Church in Wales, without the written dispensation of the Diocesan Bishop from this requirement;

         (b)     is resident in the parish, or, if not so resident, has habitually attended public worship in that parish during a period of six months prior to enrolment;

         (c)     has signed a form of application for enrolment; and

         (d)     does not have his or her name entered on the Roll of another Parish in Wales, save with the consent of the Parochial Church Councils of both parishes.

How do I go about it?

Complete the online form below, or complete and return the paper form available from one of our churches.

What then?

A list of the names on the Electoral Roll will be collated into a list, which is available for inspection prior to the Vestry Meeting each year. You can therefore check that your name has been entered and that your details are accurate.

If at any time you want your name removed, all you have to do is to request the Incumbent or the MAC Secretary in writing that it is removed. Every five years, a new roll is prepared, which means you will need to re-apply.

I hereby apply to have my name entered on the Electoral Roll of the East Cardiff Ministry Area in the diocese of Monmouth and I agree to accept and be bound by the Constitution of the Church in Wales. I declare that I am qualified according to the provisions of section 4(2) of chapter IV C in Volume I of the Constitution. I understand that the Electoral Roll is available for inspection by any Member of the Church in Wales.